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Boat loans provide financial assistance for purchasing recreational vehicles, offering manageable payment plans to make owning your dream boat a reality.

Apply for a boat effortlessly with our online credit application.

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This boat and RV loan calculator will help you determine the monthly payments on your boat or RV loan. Simply enter the loan amount, term and interest rate in the fields below and click calculate. This calculator will show you both the principal and interest payments you would make on a fixed-rate loan.


Why Do I Need a Loan for My Boat?

Boat loans are crucial for making the dream of owning recreational vehicles attainable. They offer financial flexibility, allowing for the purchase of your dream boat without the burden of upfront full payment, making adventure and leisure more accessible.

US-DFS streamlines getting boat loans. Simply fill out our 5-minute online credit application, and our dedicated team will review it, working diligently to find the best loan that suits your specific boating needs.

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Our Step-By-Step Process


Begin with the pre-qualification process by completing a simple form available at http://app.us-dfs.com/. The form involves a brief inquiry of your financial situation to determine your readiness for a loan. This step is critical to assessing your eligibility without impacting your credit score.

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After submitting your pre-qualification form, the team at US Dealer Financial Services reviews your information, focusing on finding the best loan option tailored to your specific boating needs. Once our review is completed, we'll give you a quick call and outline your options, as well as answer any questions you might have.

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Once our consultation is completed, we'll help you apply for a loan via our online credit application. The application is straightforward and designed to get you the best financial solution for your unique boat needs.

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Ongoing Support

After applying, US Dealer Financial Services offers continuous support. For any other queries or assistance, you can reach out to us via our Contact Us page. We are here for you throughout the entire financing journey!

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